By the end of December 2023, the planned monthly production output will reach 1800.00 tons
Despite the pandemic and the global economic crisis, LLC 'Pretchistensky Dairy Product' continues its systematic growth and development. The year 2021 marked several milestones for our enterprise:
1. In the current year 2021, LLC 'Pretchistensky Dairy Product' increased production and warehouse capacities by 50%, with the monthly volume of produced cheeses on all lines exceeding 1700 tons per month.
2. The pandemic period significantly complicated external imports of raw materials. However, Pretchistensky Cheese Factory continued direct collaboration with global producers of dairy proteins from Ireland and France. Additionally, a futures contract for the entire year 2022 was signed for direct supplies of raw materials from New Zealand.
3. Production and sales of cheese sticks grew fourfold this year, including Mozzarella String Cheese and Cheddar String Cheese.
4. LLC 'Pretchistensky Cheese Product' was selected as a strategic supplier of Mozzarella cheese for the American pizza chain Little Caesars Pizza, which entered the Russian market in 2021.
5. A halal production unit was established and became operational at the enterprise. The shipment of halal products commenced across the entire territory of the Customs Union.
In November 2019, the market leader in the HoReCa sector, the international pizza chain Dodo Pizza, recognized Pretchistensky Cheese Factory as its strategic partner. Our cheese is now featured on all Dodo Pizza outlets across 100% of the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. By December 2019, the cheese production volumes at Pretchistensky Cheese Factory had surged to 1000.00 tons per month, marking a remarkable 330% growth within the year.

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