Cheese for pizza

Cheese for pizza is not just an ingredient, but a key element that gives this Italian dish a unique taste and texture. Mozzarella, with its delicate meltiness, creates the perfect layer of stretchy cheese that binds all the ingredients together.

Cheese for pizza today is a priority product produced by the "Prechistenskiy" cheese factory.

Our cheese factory produces a range of cheeses for the food industry and HoReCa, including for pizza production.

The "Prechistenskiy" cheese factory is a supplier to such major pizza chain restaurants as fast-food restaurants specializing in pizza, such as "Dodo Pizza," "Papa John's," as well as leading suppliers of products for the restaurant business.

Among the varieties of cheese used for pizza production are natural Mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses, as well as pizza toppings - high-quality cheese products with high consumer properties and quality, and undoubtedly, a cheesy taste.

Сыр для пиццы моцарелла шредированный кубиком готов к применению для выпечки пиццы
Mozzarella cheese for pizza in the form of a block weighing from three hundred grams to two kilograms is convenient to use in pizzerias and bakeries

For making pizza, cheeses with good meltability and excellent melting properties when heated are most suitable.

Mozzarella is considered one of the best choices for pizza due to its unique texture and ability to create an appetizing, stretchy layer when melted.

Its delicate consistency gives the pizza a perfect combination of softness and a creamy note.

Moreover, Mozzarella has a neutral taste, allowing the aroma and taste of other ingredients to stand out.

Сыр для пиццы моцарелла шредированный кубиком готов к применению для выпечки пиццы
Shredded cubed Mozzarella cheese for pizza is ready for use in baking pizza

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